Why does a horse need muscles?

The musculature is needed to move and support the skeleton. Postural defects can result from a shortened musculature, insufficient muscle mass or an imbalance between muscles. If the musculature is being used insufficiently or incorrectly, damage, e.g. arthrosis is a common consequence.
Equikinetic helps your horse straighten itself, build muscles in the right areas and become or remain healthy and sound.

Equikinetic – an efficient lungeing programme

The Equikinetic lungeing programme is easy to implement – and incredibly effective. The rider lunges his horse in position according to a fixed timetable. The combination of interval training and lungeing allows for the training of young horses, rehabilitated horses, leisure horses and sports horses following an individual, easy-to-follow training schedule.
A horse requires strength and muscles to carry the rider. The programme enables you to keep your horse sound, improve rideability and to gain your horse’s undivided attention. Equikinetic is based on the isokinetic training principle (iso = equal, kinesis = movement). This means that muscle groups are trained and equally exerted throughout the exercise for a set time period. Hence it is important that muscles are exerted equally and not for varying lengths of time. Equikinetic is an intensive, highly efficient training method that can be applied universally in all riding styles and by anyone.

How does your horse benefit from Equikinetic?

  • Equikinietic strengthens the joint supporting intrinsic musculature.
  • It trains your horse’s surface movement musculature correctly.
  • Your horse will gain the strength required to carry the rider in a healthier way.
  • Your horse’s rideability will improve significantly.
  • Your horse’s straightness will be supported.
  • Your horse’s newly gained strength will facilitate greater efficiency of movement.
  • Attention and concentration will be fostered, enhanced and supported.
  • Rehab – If used as rehabilitation following injury or chronic disease of the musculoskeletal system, Equikinetic is an efficient reconditioning programme.
  • The newly developed muscle coordination significantly harmonizes imbalances between muscle groups. This leads to optimal muscle tone and thus a more effective and energy-efficient motion sequence.
  • Equikinetic also helps to relieve chronic pain experienced by your horse due to imbalances in the musculoskeletal system.

Interval Training Timing System

Lungeing with interval training.
Michael Geitner has tapped into knowledge about human strength training and training theory and applied this knowledge to his work with horses.
Interval training: A training methodology in sport with alternating phases of exertion and rest (= intervals). The length of the recovery phases does not allow the body full recovery and thus achieves an intense training stimulus.
For further information, please contact: Mike Geitner via email: kontakt@pferde-ausbildung.de or by phone: + 49 (0) 8072 – 37 15 36

Equikinetic-Training schedule and Timing System

Download the Equikinetic training schedule now in PDF format: » Equikinetic-training schedule-Michael Geitner

Level Number of work units Duration of work units(sec.) Duration of break (sec.) Change hands Optional
1 8 60 30 After each trainig phase
2 10 60 30 After each trainig phase
3 12 60 30 After each trainig phase

Let Michael Geitner Train Your Horse

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„Thanks to my extensive work experience, I have built an extensive network of horse experts all over Europe to whom I can reach out for advice and support: veterinarians, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists and many more. This network is often the deciding factor when it comes to your horse. We also offer magnetic field therapy and various other therapies in-house!”
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