Michael Geitner

Horse trainer. Author. Inventive spirit.

Michael Geitner

(Almost) every rider in Germany knows this man: Michael Geitner.

He is one of the most famous horse trainers in Germany, the author of various specialist books and inventor of several training methods, such as Be Strict!, Dual Activation, Equikinetic and EquiClassic-Work.

His motto is: horse training should be simple, yet effective.

This approach appeals to both horses and riders. For over 20 years, Michael Geitner has been influencing the equestrian world like no other trainer in Germany, and his expertise has made him a sought-after expert amongst renowned professional journals like CAVALLO, Germany’s largest equestrian magazine.


Michael Geitner

Michael Geitner was born in Munich, Germany, in 1964 and grew up on one of the first Western-style ranches in Germany.

Be Strict!

In 1999, he published his first training method Be Strict!. Be Strict! focusses on daily interaction with the horse, as well as on how to turn your horse into a calm, reliable and trusting partner. From the relaxed leading of a horse and correct handling under saddle to solutions for common problems such as biting or bucking – Michael Geitner offers many practical and easy-to-follow tips in his book Be Strict!. Be Strict! is one of the most successful basic training guides for riders to date.

dual activation

In 2003 Michael Geitner launched dual activation – a training approach which improves the horse’s balance, coordination, fitness and concentration, and is suitable for both leisure horses as well as horses that are professional athletes. To start dual activation, the rider needs yellow and blue movable foam beams, the so-called dual-alley beams. They are placed on the ground in various formations. The horse is led or ridden through the course. Why are the blocks blue and yellow, you may ask? It is scientifically proven that horses perceive the world primarily in shades of grey, however, they are able to see the colours blue and yellow quite well. Today, these blue and yellow dual-alley beams can be found in many riding stables all over the world. Michael Geitner has already proven how well dual activation works with his own horses; he has trained retired racehorses based on his method. His horses returned to the track, leaving the competition behind and winning many races.


Ten years later Michael Geitner surprised the equestrian world with a new training method, which fascinates not only riders, but also experts and physiotherapists: Equikinetic. Equikinetic is a programme for targeted muscle building, where the horse is lunged through the dual-alley beams. It combines lungeing with interval training. The method’s trick: just a few minutes per training session are enough to achieve visible results within a short period of time. CAVALLO, Germany’s largest equestrian magazine, tested Equikinetic with several horses. The editorial staff’s conclusion after three months was: “This training method turns horses that lack muscle and shuffle their feet while walking into well-balanced, relaxed mounts in a matter of weeks.”


In 2016 Michael Geitner published his EquiClassic-Work – a training method for groundwork, in which classical in-hand work is combined with elements of dual activation, Equikinetic and Equiplace (= a resting space for horses). Whether you want to learn the correct way of leading a horse, shoulder-in or transitions, this step-by-step training approach familiarises both horses and riders with gymnasticising in-hand exercises.

Meet Michael Geitner

His legendary approach, combining the presentation of easily comprehensible, important knowledge about horses with his entertaining personality, is what makes his training courses, seminars, shows and equestrian conferences special events. You can find all dates and further information about his training methods on this website.

Trainers in your area who use the Geitner method (Geitner trainers)

You can also learn about Be Strict!, Dual-Activation, Equikinetic and EquiClassic-Works with other trainers who use the Geitner method. Today, there are over 250 trainers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, USA and Canada who have been trained by Michael Geitner.